Blue Abyss Aquatics is able to supply boats, skippers and vessels to any project involving diving, water or boating.

Dive Guides and cameramen

Blue Abyss Aquatics has access to an almost unlimited supply of quality dive guides and camera men to service recreational or commercial use. BA is proud to have worked on a large number of shoots providing logistics for many internationally acclaimed shows and camera personal.

Dive and fishing vessel chart

Blue Abyss has access to a fleet of vessels to meet all marine requirements for recreational and commercial purposes

Vessel supply/chandling

Blue Abyss has agents along the entire South African coastline to attend to any offshore supply needs. The primary area of focus is the Eastern Cape chokka industry where we boast a number of vessels. The Blue Abyss point of difference from other supplier of similar service is that we have a fully mobile operation able to beach launch enabling us to easily access areas far from major ports.

Undersea Services

Blue Abyss offers the following services:

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